Sunday, October 20, 2019

Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown On Her New Friendship With Cara Delevingne And Ashley Benson

Throughout Brown's season of The Bachelorette, she became an inspiration for women everywhere when she realized she had been at a poisonous relationship with contentious contestant Luke Parker. "I do not regret how it occurred since I feel like the connection I had with Luke, sadly, it is a connection a lot of girls can relate to. A good deal of girls have been in toxic relationships and possibly, just maybe me going through this and having the ability to recall my value and figure that out for myself personally might help someone that is in that today find the indicators of this and, finally, making me realize I do not have doubts because this was worth it all," she explained during her Guys Tell All incident, where she denounced slut-shaming and with Christianity as a way to control the spouse. All this to say, Brown fit in at the #GirlHero Awards, although she arrived as Cara Delevinge and Ashley Benson's guest. Hannah Brown gushes about how Cara Delevinge and Ashley Benson would be the'coolest, greatest people' In Brown's latest DWTS journal entry she authored for Bustle, she wrote in attending the occasion together with Delevingne and Benson. She is so sweet, type, and worthy of being respected. She does embody everything a woman hero is, and it was very cool to have the ability to encourage her and to hear all about what the Girl Up company is performing to make opportunities for young ladies," wrote Brown. They are the coolest, nicest people -- and they only really embody, only allowed girls that enable and lift up other girls," she explained. According to Brown, the models/actors are supportive of this fact star because her Bachelorette days.

“They were encouraging and supportive of me through my time as the bachelorette and into this experience. They have very crazy and amazing careers of their own, but just taking that time to be like, ‘You are killing it, you have support,’ that is just really awesome,” she told the publication. “That has been really refreshing in this new life here in L.A. to have those friends, that, you know, have had a lot of experience — and even crazier — just in a different life than I’ve had that kind of can understand what it’s like.” Delevingne was honored at this year’s #GirlHero Awards as a “femenist hero,” along with Kate Hudson and Jameela Jamil. “In celebration of International Day of the Girl […] we will bring together Hollywood elite, inspiring women and men, and young women activists to celebrate what happens when we stand together to advance gender equality,” reads the organization’s website.