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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Puma, Balmain e Cara Delevingne se unem para a collab do momento

s colaborações entre marcas esportivas e grifes de luxo são sempre um sucesso. Enquanto a Adidas recorre a Stella McCartney há mais de uma década, a Fila buscou na Fendi o ingrediente que faltava para alavancar seu segmento de luxo. Agora, a Puma acaba de anunciar uma parceria que promete abalar os alicerces da moda. A etiqueta alemã juntará forças com a Balmain e Cara Delevingne para uma coleção p 35 peças inspiradas no boxe. Vem saber mais comigo! Presente nas campanhas da Puma desde 2016, Cara Delevingne nunca havia assinado um produto para a marca alemã. Então, quando foi convidada a finalmente mostrar sua visão criativa por lá, a atriz não pensou duas vezes em recorrer a seu amigo mais inovador. Nessa terça-feira (15/10/2019), a etiqueta esportiva e a modelo britânica anunciaram, no Instagram, que estão se unindo ao estilista Olivier Rousteing, diretor criativo da grife francesa Balmain, para uma coleção p 35 peças. "Eu tinha certeza de que Olivier e eu temos o mesmo tipo de visão", disse ela ao FashionUnited.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Puma, Balmain et Cara Delevingne font rimer sport, glamour et luxe accessible

Il s'agit sans aucun doute de LA collaboration de cette fin d'année: Balmain s'est associé à Puma le temps d'une collection de prêt-à-porter et d'accessoires, créée en collaboration avec l'actrice et mannequin Cara Delevingne. Les créations seront mises en vente dès le 21 novembre prochain au niveau mondial. Puma et Balmain annoncent sur les réseaux sociaux le lancement d'une collection d'inspiration sportive réalisée avec l'aide de Cara Delevingne, qui cultive une relation amicale avec Olivier Rousteing, directeur artistique de Balmain, depuis plusieurs années. Ensemble, ils ont imaginé une collection de prêt-à-porter, de chaussures et d'accessoires directement inspirée par l'univers de la boxe. Un premier visuel dévoilé par la maison Balmain montre Cara Delevingne sur un ring portant une tenue d'inspiration sportive aux couleurs vives, griffée Puma x Balmain, ainsi que des gants de boxe. De son côté, la marque au félin bondissant a présenté une courte vidéo dans laquelle apparaissent Cara Delevingne, Olivier Rousteing et d'autres mannequins mettant à l'honneur cette nouvelle collection unisexe. Tour à tour sportive et glamour, la collection s'inspire des univers des 2 marques, mais aussi et surtout de la personnalité de Cara Delevingne. Le site spécialisé WWD indique de son côté que la collection se composera de 35 créations. Cara Delevingne, qui a pris la pose pour la marque Puma et la maison Balmain à plusieurs reprises, a déjà fait ses preuves en tant que co-créatrice aux côtés d'Olivier Rousteing. Au printemps dernier, la jeune femme a conçu trois sacs à main pour la maison de luxe. Il ne reste plus qu'à attendre le 21 novembre prochain pour se procurer les pièces de la collection Puma x Balmain, qui sera disponible aux quatre coins du globe.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Cara Delevingne Collaborated With Balmain And Puma On Boxing-Themed Collection

Tighten your top-knot and get ready to sweat over Cara Delevingne's new athleisure collaboration with Balmain and Puma. While this stylish new gear will still not convince me to become a regular at the gym, I can't wait to get my blood pumping while anxiously waiting to add shimmery track pants from the collab to my cart on November 21. The fashion house and sportswear brand announced the latest project via social media on Tuesday morning, sharing a dramatic teaser video across platforms.

When I say athleisure, I really mean glittery, glammed up athletic-inspired garb. In the visuals, neon grids lift to reveal a crew of models-slash-fighters, wearing gloves, helmets, and the red, blue, and black designs. Delevingne models a standout sequin-covered coordinating set, seen only for a moment as she collapses to the floor. Per WWD, the collection is comprised of 35 pieces, including shoes, apparel, and accessories, that will be sold in two parts — half via Puma, and half via Balmain.

It was Delevingne's close friendship with Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing that brought the three names together in collaboration. "She asked me to work with her on this collection with Puma. We had a very clear point of view because we both love boxing," Rousteing said in an interview with WWD. "We also wanted to use this collaboration as a platform to promote diversity and inclusivity," he continued, adding later: "A lot of people in the campaign have faced discrimination because of their choices, whatever those may be, and it was important for us to have a really natural cast."

Puma, Balmain and Cara Delevingne Team Up on Collection

The newest fashion-meets-streetwear collaboration that needs to be on your radar comes courtesy of Puma, Balmain and Cara Delevingne.

The 35-piece collection (designed by Delevingne and Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing) includes footwear, clothing and accessories, with many of the pieces inspired by Cara’s own personality and style. The line-up includes tracksuits, mini dresses, sneakers, T-shirts and more – many of which come in Balmain’s signature black and gold colour palette.

The collection is inspired by boxing, as well as diversity and inclusivity. Speaking with WWD about the launch, Rousteing said, “It’s really born out of friendship. She asked me to work with her on this collection with Puma. We had a very clear point of view because we both love boxing. We also wanted to use this collaboration as a platform to promote diversity and inclusivity.”

Cara Delevingne and Olivier Rousteing on Their New Puma x Balmain Collection

Longtime friends Cara Delevingne and Balmain Creative Director Olivier Rousteing wear looks from their new collection for Puma.

“Cara was the very first woman I kissed on the lips!” says Olivier Rousteing, laughing as he fondly recalls how he met, hit the clubs with, stayed up late with, worked with, and eventually became dear friends with model/actor Cara Delevingne. This month, Delevingne, 27, and Rousteing, 34, the creative director of Balmain, launch an exuberant unisex collection—Puma x Balmain Created with Cara Delevingne—that includes silky red-and-blue boxing shorts, color-blocked bomber jackets, hoodies, leggings, and distressed striped tees—sportswear that might be saddled with the moniker “athleisure” since it is deeply practical, but that also evinces an inimitable, unmistakable Balmain flair that transcends that plebeian category.

When Puma approached Delevingne about collaborating on a line with a designer, she knew immediately whom she wanted to work with and why. “I was sure Olivier and I had the same kind of vision,” she says. Rousteing knew it too: His response was “a big yes! Cara creates her own rules—she is not just trying to please the fashion crowd.”

If you think about it, the two have a lot in common: a profound commitment to diversity, a desire to forge their own paths, and a new way of looking at (and shaking up) that fashion crowd. The collection—35 pieces that will be sold in Puma stores and other retail outlets and a capsule of six special pieces available in Balmain boutiques—is organized around a boxing theme. Both Rousteing and Delevingne are avid boxers, obsessed with the notion that the greatest battles are the ones you fight with yourself. (Rousteing’s challenges and successes are chronicled in the upcoming documentary Wonder Boy; when Delevingne saw an early screening, she cried.)

Puma x Balmain created with Cara Delevingne Cell Stellar Sneaker, $400;

Rousteing, who arrived for this interview straight from sparring, wearing an anonymous tank top, black Balmain track pants, and a dazzling gold Rolex, along with other bracelets (a Cartier Clou, a backstage band from the first Balmain menswear show, an evil-eye charm given to him by a friend), says he envisions the clothes as bringing a little bit of his France—Paris! Balmain!—to the world of sport. To that end there are, in addition to the souped-up classics, a glamorous black, blue, and red silk kimono that plays off the robe a boxer wears, along with a slinky dress with decisive shoulder pads that Delevingne thinks projects “energy, strength, and sexiness.” Classic Puma sneakers morph into ranger boots for those chic soldiers enlisted in the Balmain army—a posse as fashionable as they are fearless. Rousteing and Delevingne even rejiggered the classic Puma symbol by doubling the fun: “We imagined two cats together instead of just one,” Rousteing says.

The collection’s video campaign likewise revolves around the ring, except that the pugilists, save for Delevingne, are not conventional models but rather a roster of fierce young people—dancers, artists, activists, refugees, survivors—who have looked their own serious issues in the face and triumphed. “We have 10 characters in the campaign, and all of them have something important to say to the world,” Rousteing says proudly. “That is also why we wanted to create a kind of fight—because we need to fight for freedom, and to be who we want to be.”

The collaborators are thrilled that the Balmain sensibility, filtered through the cool lens of Puma, will be available to a wider public. “I never wore designer clothes as a teenager, so being able to make these at a good price point is my favorite part,” Delevingne says. Admittedly, she’s not a teen anymore—she’s now a working actor and a world-class supermodel. So would she wear this Puma stuff in real life? “Of course!” she says. “It’s 100% how I dress—the tanks, the tees: super-comfortable, great for travel!” In fact, she confesses, “I already stole some pieces.”

Friday, October 11, 2019


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